Thursday, September 27, 2007
  NiXPS v1.5 internet coverage
We got quite a bit of press coverage with our release of NiXPS v1.5:

Planet PDF
and on PrintWeek, no less!

It's nice to see the interest in our company and products.
Monday, September 24, 2007
  NiXPS Library v1.5 SDK

To give more people the chance to try our technology, we've decided to offer a trial version of our NiXPS Library v1.5 SDK.

The library opens up XPS to a lot of applications -

First of all, it allows you to open an XPS file and access all aspects of it: fonts, images, page content, and so on. And this by means of a clear, straightforward object api that maps closely to the actual XPS constructs. This functionality comes in handy when you would require to extract or calculate information about an XPS file.

It is also possible to modify an XPS by means of the same api. This covers scenario's where you would need to modify an existing XPS: add text/watermarks, modify the information on a page, ...

Next: XPS creation. Via the object api provided, the library gives you the ability to create an XPS file. Applications can use this to saving or exporting a correct XPS file. This is ideal for server side generation of XPS files too.

Then, a powerful arsenal of tools is provided: calls to add/delete pages or documents, direct access to the XML streams, font/image access, etc...

And last but not least: rendering! The library allows you to render an XPS file to an image buffer or a tiff file. Very important if you want to visualize XPS in your applications, or on your site.

All in all a wealth of functionality, fully cross-platform and running at optimum native speed.

Try it out for yourself and download the SDK here

The package contains binaries, C++ includes & sources, documentation and example files.

The documentation is also available online here.

The SDK runs in trial mode by default. This means you get trial banners on the output, and in the file.

Send your technical questions to:

If you're interested in purchasing a license, contact:

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
  Graph Expo almost over
Graph expo is running near its end at the moment, and it has been a very fun and interesting experience. We have been exchanging thoughts about XPS with various people here at the exhibit. It is inspiring to see other people being enthusiastic about the technology and to hear different thoughts as to what is to be expected for the near and distant future.

In case you hadn't noticed, we have released our v1.5 here, and we are quite proud of it. It has been tested with some of the files of the "Show Daily" magazine, the magazine that everybody here at the show gets handed out every morning and that is printed using XPS.

We will be taking back a lot of feedback on our application and our library and we are eager to continue developing them.

Thanks to Tom for his continued support and interesting ideas, thanks to the guys at XPSLand for making it happen and thanks to all those people that showed interest and gave feedback.

Now I will be enjoying the beautiful city of Chicago for another two days and then I'll be heading back home. See you back in Belgium.



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