Wednesday, October 27, 2010
  Experimental NiPDF.JS PDF Browser update
We have updated our client-side Javascript PDF browser. When it encounters a flate/zip stream, it will deflate it. And binary stuff is now presented in a much more useful way:

Give it try at
Thursday, October 14, 2010
  NiPDF.NET: update to text searching for PDF
A customer flagged that the PDFs generated with NiPDF weren't text searchable.
Previous versions of the NiPDF library didn't output the ToUnicode character mapping in the PDF, this has been fixed.

If you go to and download the NiPDF SDK you will generate fully searchable PDFs!
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
  PDF library in Client-Side Javascript - Adventures in Javascript
The computer industry is in constant evolution.
One of the recent exciting developments is the fact that the web browser is becoming a lot more powerful than a few years back.
Chrome entered the browser landscape, Safari is going strong, Firefox as alternative browser is a big success, and Microsoft is catching up now with a massive technical leap in their upcoming Internet Explorer 9.

These recent, powerful changes are not about web pages.
This is all about web applications.

With the recent HTML5 developments, the browser is becoming a viable platform to host applications. Applications that do not need a server backend.

Think about it: in the very near future everyone will have access to a HTML5 browser.
This HTML5 browser will be able to run HTML5 applications, independent of the underlying platform.
This means no configuration management issues, and instant installation, as these apps can be server directly from a bog standard web server.

There are more advantages: scaling. A regular client-server application needs more power at the server, when the client base grows.
Pure in browser applications do not need a server for processing, pure elastic scaling, no additional investments server side.
And the extra beauty of it: a better use of the available processing power at the client, as in a lot of cases these system are very capable, but running idle.

So at NiXPS are a big believer in this, and we also think that software developers will start looking for tools and components for this new world. And for this we have started to support our software 100% natively in Javascript.

We are working on a 100% native Javascript NiPDF library, and as a demo we have build a tool that allows you to look structured at the innards of a PDF file.
You need a browser that supports the HTML5 FileReader object, so currently this means FireFox 3.6+ of Chrome 7.0 beta. Other are catching up soon.

Take a look at:
It is experimental, but all your feedback is very welcome at!


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