Wednesday, January 30, 2008
  NiXPS and Adam in the news
Adam sent around a press release about our cooperation:
Monday, January 28, 2008
  NiXPS Library integrated into Adam
Adam is a company that specializes in digital asset management (DAM) software. A quick'n'dirty description of a DAM system would be: 'a big database with digital media (assets), and all sorts of tools, interfaces and intelligence to gather information, and/or do all kinds of stuff with that data'.

Adam was looking for a solution to get previews, text content and meta data out of XPS files. These are ideal tasks for our NiXPS library.
The Adam system is based on .NET, the NiXPS library has a pure C api, and as such totally tool/platform agnostic.
We wrote a few glue functions to use our api in C#, and integrated the whole thing into a 'graphic engine' - an Adam plug-in.
The integration works beautifully, as you can see demonstrated here:
Thursday, January 24, 2008
  Updates: NiXPS Edit/View/Library v2.0.1
We released software updates today: NiXPS Edit/View/Library v2.0.1

NiXPS Edit v2.0.1 gained a few new features (tiff export & a text add tool), and both Edit & View have an in application manual now. For the rest this is mainly a bug fix release.

Download the software here
An overview of the changes can be found in the changelog
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
  See us at OnDemand 2008
Yesterday we received confirmation that we have a spot on the coming OnDemand expo 2008 in Boston, USA, starting the 3rd of March, until the 6th.
This will be our first OnDemand participation.

We're looking forward to this. The show is all about digital printing, a very interesting market for XPS!
We will be demonstrating our products, NiXPS View/Edit/Library. Pay us a visit if you're in the neighborhood!
Friday, January 11, 2008
  XPS in real life print
XPS has the potential to become a fantastic delivery format for print.
If XPS generation capabilities become more and more mainstream, it presents itself as a very good alternative as delivery format for (low-end) print.

The format currently has a few advantages in favor:
-An XPS contains resources like images and fonts, so the receiver is able to reproduce the document exactly like it is intended
-Generating an XPS is as easy as doing a local print, this is a very accessible interface for people to generate a file for delivery.

With the expected rise in usage of Vista, and the with more and more devices coming to the market who can handle XPS natively, a few extra advantages will appear:
-Asking your print customer for an XPS file become a 'no brainer', as the chances are very high that the customer will have all the software installed to generate such an XPS file.
-With devices handling XPS natively, a conversion to a format the hardware understands will not be necessary, which means a higher fidelity print work flow from start to finish.

This is an evolution that is taking place, and to test various scenario's in real life, we are using the services of a local printing company called Vango Printing. This is very valuable to us, as it helps us develop solutions that can be used in real life. We try various scenario's, and are able to run jobs through their digital press.
We are currenly working on a VDP scenario with them, when we have finished it, I'm going to tell more about it.
Thursday, January 03, 2008
  Xitron Announces XPS Support
Xitron is well known company in the printing business. Their latest version of their Navigator RIP supports XPS files natively. Read all about it here.

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