Friday, May 30, 2008
  Drupa impressions
Hey there,

I'm not usually the one to talk on this blog (or IRL for that matter), but since Nick has gone home I figured I might as well spend some of my drupa time writing off some impressions in between giving demos. Nick has gone home because we figured weekends might be less busy than weekdays and as he likes to spend some time with his family the weekends would be an excellent time for him to do so. I will take some weekdays off when I feel the need for it and explore the city. Perfect deal.

We're a bit tucked away in the corner here at drupa dip, which makes that we don't get a lot of passers by that are just exploring around. So far it has been a little less busy than it could have been but it makes that the ones that do stop by are a lot more interested in what we do as they know they want to see us and why. And it's only day 2 here, which means things are still "warming up". I hope the temperature will remain the same though because it's hot enough as it is.

Two of my former companies are sending in busloads of developers tomorrow, so that could be a busy day as they will probably want to see what we're doing. And then I could say: just download the trial version, and let's just get a beer and chat, but I'm too nice a guy to do that. I'll love to give them a demo and explain them why they should all be joining the XPS revolution and how wonderful it is to work on technology that is happening. And they'll be jealous of course. And start complaining to their boss that they can't work on XPS technology and then their boss will decide to license our technology and we'll make profit on that. At least that's the plan ;-)

One project specifically really makes me happy to see here. Tetrachrome, an Argentinan startup, is showing and selling its product here and I happened to be involved in starting that up in it's early design phase. It is great to see that what I spent two weeks on working in Argentina about two years ago has now turned in to a real product and is being sold here!

So: No, Nick, don't worry about spending some time at home. I think I'll be able to manage the booth on my own for the weekend. And to you, dear readers, if you're around, come over and pay me a visit at our booth! It will be great to show you what we do.

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