Tuesday, September 21, 2010
  NiXPS launches NiPDF v1.0
After many months of work I'm pleased to announce a new product we are launching today: NiPDF v1.0.

This product is a direct result of our experiences with customers all over the world working in .NET and wanting to generate PDF.
We have learned that generating PDF in .NET is cumbersome and downright painful - and our aim is to put our technology to work to alleviate the pain and simplify this.

.NET front and center
A lot of PDF solutions out there are not really .NET.
They are a thin veil of .NET around a big body of native code.
Our NiXPS SDK has exactly the same architecture.
This works, and is often very efficient, but it kind of defeats the purpose of working with managed code.
Often there is a requirement to only work with managed code assemblies.
With our NiPDF v1.0 we introduce a 100% managed code library.
No native code dependency.
NiPDF is a lean and mean, 100% native, PDF library that allows you to efficiently generate PDF in .NET.

No special API to learn, no vendor lock-in
Another drag in today's PDF SDK's is the fact that in order to generate PDF, one needs to code against an API that the third party has defined.
This introduces a learning curve, and introduces vendor lock-in, as your code will depend on the third-party's API.
Thanks to our XPS heritage we are able to offer an innovative solution for this.
Via the .NET built-in ability to convert WPF visuals (and FixedDocuments) to XPS, you can code agains the default WPF API, and in 1-2-3 generate a PDF from this with a minumum of calls into our NiPDF library!

High quality, keeping text and vectors intact
The NiPDF PDF output keeps text and vectors intact, resulting a small, high quality, fully searchable PDFs.

NiPDF SDK and NiXPS Converter SDK, brothers in arms
NiPDF is premier choice for quick and easy PDF generation for .NET.
We continue to develop our NiXPS Converter SDK, which thanks to its native architecture, offers a better alternative for performance critical applications, has a more versatile feature set (f.i. PDF/A generation) and has supports C/C++ and OSX.

Take a look at the NiPDF product site at and download the trial.
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